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Eating well means digesting well.

It is important to plan the diet preceding a training or a sporting event. In general, we must allow at least two hours of digestion after a meal and at least 30 minutes after a snack.

30 minutes before: Fruit juice, apple sauce, fig cookies, energy gel (15 minutes before).
2 hours before: granola cereal, fruits, vegetables, scrambled eggs, bread, bagel or pita.
3 or 4 hours before: Fish, baked potatoes, beef, mixed vegetables, banana bread as dessert (it always takes a dessert ....)

Early training:
If you train in the morning, eat before exercise a carbohydrate source such as a...

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Be prepared

The average athlete is aware of the importance of food and drink intake during exercise, but too few realize the importance of intake before such exercise and in everyday life.


Generally, a sedentary person eliminates 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day, while an athlete can use as much as 4 or 5. Hydration between training is therefore essential, by means of small quantity intake (mostly water) on a regular basis during the day.

It is advisable for a sedentary person to drink 1.5 liter of water per day. For an athlete, this quantity is increased to 2.5 to 3 liters, depending on temperature, or intensity and...

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Good quality fuel!

Our previous articles have demonstrated the importance of sports nutrition before, during and after training. It is now possible to associate specific products to the suggestions made in those articles. QC Bike shop now offers you the best nutritional products of the Advanced Fuel range. Our choice fell on this brand because it is from Quebec and because it successfully targets the most demanding needs of endurance athletes.

Advanced Fuel Carburate Sports Drink
The Carburate Advanced Fuel drink may be the perfect solution to the body’s hydration balance thus becoming an important source of energy, due to its...

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Recharging the batteries

Any physical activities implies energy consumption. The more strenuous the activity, the more « fuel » is required and of course, the more the level of energy reserves is lowered.
It is therefore essential to rebuild its reserves, or in the jargon , to "recharge the batteries " as soon as possible after training, in preparation for the next training or event.

The golden rule in post-workout hydration is to drink 1.5 liters of water per kg of weight lost during training. How to make sure to drink enough to compensate for this loss ? In the case of an exercise of short duration and low intensity ,...

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Managing energy

Sustained exercise requires lots of energy. Whether it means competing in an event, a charity ride or just going for a hard training, energy is the key to success, and eating and drinking are essential.

Water makes up about two-thirds of the human body. However, that body cannot absorb more than 1 liter of liquid per hour (water and/or energy drink).

If the activity lasts less than 45 min to one hour, it is suggested to drink only water.
For an activity that lasts longer than one hour, the recommended consumption is about 700ml per hour. It can reach 800 or 900ml in case of very hot weather. In case of...